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To be able to use the Brand Promise on a daily basis within the creative process, we have - based on the Brand identity - stated five guiding design values that together state the Design Philosophy and act as the foundation of all our designs. Use these values as inspiration and as checklists during the development process.



Good design is built on solid research and relevant data. We need to know who we are designing for and in what context they are using our product. Our solutions should create values in a Customer and End-user as well as on a business perspective and be built on the best suited technology out there.



Good design is intuitive and easy to understand and use. We design functionality to create simplistic, meaningful actions that are unambigously clear to the End-User. Thus, our solutions are always guiding the End-User in a straightforward one-step-at-a-time manner, so they know exactly what to do and how to respond. 



Good design is not disguised as being something else or having an alterior motive. It is transparent, reliable and credible. We design so that every element has a purpose. Motion should provide meaning and design should give instant feedback on interactions. Our solutions must be trusted and be of the highest security standard. The design must convey that.



Good design can be used by every one, despite disabilities, those being temporary or permanent. Our design is inclusive and done with empathy. The design is always flexible and adaptable towards the End-user. The solutions must be multifaceted and robust so it can be used in many different ways by different people and in different contexts.



Good design is appealing and should brighten your day. We design so people will get emotionally engaged and find our services and products fit perfectly into their everyday lives. The solutions must be so valuable that people will want to use it continuously – and recommend it to others.