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​Text is the primary way that users digest content and accomplish work, so it’s important to use good typographic principles to establish a clear visual hierarchy and to maximize legibility. All text should be able to be expanded to 200% on websites. Use a font size for headings to clearly structure content logically. and use body text in font size 16 for copy and size 14 for captions and labels.

Note, Vendors to Nets shall purchase and admin their Uni Neue licenses.





Optimal text lengths

Set the reading environment to suit the reader. Wide lines of text are difficult to read and make it harder for people to focus. While there is no right way to measure the perfect width for text, a good goal is to aim for between 60 and 100 characters per line including spacing. Setting an optimal line length will break up content into easily digestible chunks of information.



Examples of use


Header website



Article overview



Article single