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Checkboxes are used to allow users to select any number of options, including zero, from a visible list.

​Use checkboxes when selecting any number of choices from a list, when a user needs to
choose “yes” or “no” on one option (like toggling something on or off) and when the user needs to select something at a glance. Find below some guidelines on using checkboxes:

  • Both the text and the checkbox itself should be tappable or clickable by the user to select or deselect an option.
  • Options should be listed vertically. Horizontal listings can make it difficult to tell which label pertains to which checkbox.
  • Make it clear when users can select multiple options from the checkbox list. If the user can only check off one choice, use toggles insted.
  • Labels should use sentence capitalization.
  • Avoid using words such as “enable” in your checkbox, as that is already implied in the nature of the checkbox.
  • Use positive and active wording for the checkbox labels, as it will make it clear what will happen when the checkboxes are turned on. Using negative language in labels as they can be counterintuitive. For example, “I want to unsubscribe” is preferable to “I don’t want to receive
    promotional email.”

    If you customise, make sure selections are adequately spaced for touch screens.








Example of use