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Nets’ Corporate Visual Identity is further strengthened by the brand colours. The colour definitions have been carefully selected and it is important to use these exact definitions.

Colour meanings:
Dark blue: depth, trust, loyalty, stability, reliablility, strength, integrity, seriousness and expertise.
Light blue: sky, elegant and innovation.
Orange: joy, warmth, change, determination, balance, freedom, expression.

Download colour palettes

Primary colours

These are Nets primary colours, visually arranged to illustrate the preferred impact for each of them. Nets_light blue is our calm, base colour, which is supported by our anchor colour, Nets_dark blue. Nets_orange is the contrast colour. Nets_bright blue is the symbol colour and should be used sparingly. The four primary colours are supported by neutral colours: black, white and two shades of grey.

Below you will find the colour values for Nets' primary and supporting colours.
Use CMYK or Pantone when your document is going to the print-shop. Use RGB or HEX for screen display. Colours can be blended with white or black when you need more tones for graphs and illustrations, or if you want to differentiate content on a web page.



Supporting colours

Supporting colours are primarily to be used for models and infographics in presentations.
The colours are already part of Nets' existing PowerPoint template colour scheme.


Presentation examples

The primary colours are supported by the two extra colours in order to provide a broader spectrum for use in presentations. The colours are arranged in order of preferred use, as shown below.