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Who we are

We connect businesses, the public sector and consumers via an international network, which facilitates the exchange of digital payments, identity and information – what we call "digital values".

Our many solutions include payment services to many households in Norway and Denmark and more than 7.8 million digital identities issued.

​​​​​​​​​Our areas of business 

Our customers come from across society. They include banks, corporations, merchants of all sizes and public sector organisations.

Reflecting this, we provide a comprehensive choice of services covered by our seven business areas:

Card Services
Card Services help both issuers and acquirers with solutions from transaction processing to, entire card management systems and merchant acquirer services


Clearing Services
Clearing Services support domestic and international central banks with necessary clearing information to perform settlement of payments between banks.


Digitisation and Information Services
Digitisation and Information Services help financial institutions, public sector and private companies in digitising their information handling and business processes.


Domestic Cards Scheme Services
Dankort and BankAxept represent highly trusted, most cost effective and preferred payment systems


e-Security Services
Nets has a strong track record in delivering eSecurity solutions for both banks, private companies and the public sector


Payment Services
Payment Services enable most Danes and Norwegians to pay their bills by Nets’ direct debit solutions BetalingsService and AvtaleGiro.


Merchant Services
We offer a complete portfolio of payment solutions and value-added services for all types of businesses and channels. From small shops to large multinational retail chains.


​​​​​​​Our vision

We work towards the vision of creating the future of digital values.

Focusing on future payments, we offer a wide range of standard or customised end-to-end, modular solutions. We enable a more efficient society and optimise our customers' business through digital values

These build on our comprehensive northern European network and proven platforms.

They also leverage our unique level of multidisciplinary expertise, which enables us to provide complementary strategic consulting services.

​​​​​​​​​More about Nets and our history

We are a Nordic provider of payments, card and information services with a European ambition. We have been Nets since 2010, but our history goes back to 1968. We are more than 2,500 devoted employees in five countries - and our focus remains on new opportunities, technologies and security.

We strive to make the handling of payment and information as easy and efficient as possible. Our digital identification solutions reduce the need for paper and help people in the Nordic region save time and money. We develop safe and smoothly running financial infrastructures that bring our clients closer to their customers, as we shorten the distance between buying and paying.

This makes us a key partner for banks and businesses as well as for retailers and consumers who expect user friendly, stable and secure payment and information systems.


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Board of directors
Group structure
Nets in numbers

Nets is specialising in managing digital values through delivery of strategic consulting and IT solutions.

Digital values managed by Nets connects you to a simpler, smarter and safer way of doing business

 History, the short version

In 2014 Nets aquires the majority share in the Swedish based DIBS, Payzone Nordic and the Finnish based Paytrail Plc.
In 2014 Nets is acquired bye Advent International, Bain Capital & ATP.
Nets acquires Luottokunta, Finland in 2012.

Nets is created in 2010 as a result of the merger between the Danish company, PBS Holding A/S, and the Norwegian company, Nordito AS, which is the former parent company of BBS and Teller.

In 2009 BBS acquires Sagem Denmark and PBS acuires Auriga in 2008
BBS strengthens its position on the Danish market in 2007 with the acquisition of LD Betalingssystemer.
PBS and BBS create the joint venture company NETS (offering card processing services) in 2007.

PBS buys PBS International in 2006.
In 2005 BBS expands its activities on the Nordic market by acquiring Ingenico AB (Sweden), BBS Manison (Finland) and Sagem (Denmark).
PBS splits up into three separate companies in 2003.
Visa Norge adds MasterCard to the product portfolio in 2003 and the company's name was changed to Teller.

In 1991 the Norwegian national debit card BankAxept that has become the most commonly used payment method in Norway is launched.
In 1983, PBS introduces the national debit card, the Dankort. This was a milestone in the field of payment as the Dankort digitalised the every-day purchases.

The Teller company is established in 1977 under the name Visa Norge.
In 1972, the two major Norwegian players in electronic payment services, Bankkort and Bankgirosentralen, merge into BBS to establish a strong position for themselves in the domestic market.
Bankkort AS is established by the Norwegian commercial banks and savings banks in 1970.

In 1968 PBS is established in Denmark. A Year after in 1969 the commercial banks in Norway establish Bankgirosentralen Forretningsbankenes Avregningskontor AS (BGS).