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Payment & Information Services

Banks and businesses in the Nordic region are focused on automated payment requests, invoicing and sending important documents to customers in a flexible and cost-effective way, whether via electronic channels or as printed documents.
Payment & Information Services supports our customers’ strategic focus areas. We seek to understand our customers’ businesses, we offer partnerships, and the result is tailor-made local or Nordic solutions for the processing of payments, invoicing and documents.

Our solutions create measurable business value. We help our customers:
– improve liquidity management
– enhance the efficiency of work processes
– minimise postage costs
– invoice across national boundaries
– adhere to international compliance rules such as SEPA.


At Nets, we are proud of our local direct debit solutions such as the secure and reliable Betalingsservice, AvtaleGiro and eFaktura, which are an integral part of the Danish and Norwegian payment infrastructures. Our broad-based portfolio of solutions means our customers can use a single supplier, because we are able to undertake all payment-related tasks.

Our Nordic invoicing and printing solutions give our customers the option of uniform collections across national boundaries in the Nordic region. All our solutions reflect our strong emphasis on security and stability.

This is the case no matter whether our customers do business domestically or whether we are facilitating customer access to markets beyond national boundaries. In Denmark, most citizens are familiar with e-Boks, a public limited company, which is jointly owned by Nets and Post Danmark. e-Boks is the communication tool between citizens and the public sector, with about three million users in Denmark.


​Nets is one of the leading suppliers of payment card solutions in Northern Europe. Nets has established a North European infrastructure and processes a significant number of transactions with world class availability and security. The infrastructure enables us to create the link between international and local card schemes, and to ensure efficient, innovative payment solutions for our customers and end users.


We are a central part of the payment infrastructure in Denmark and Norway via the payment systems for Dankort and BankAxept. The vast majority of payments undertaken in the Nordic region using international cards. We offer services throughout the entire value chain and we support all payment channels and card types. Every day, our 700 card experts are working to develop, operate and service tailor-made customer solutions.

Our unique position with high number of transactions and the Northern European infrastructure enables us to offer card acquirers and card issuers an effective, combined payment solution and cost synergies on core processing and services.





As the use of electronic channels expands, so do online threats as well as regulations for online data privacy. Nets stays abreast of the latest developments in eSecurity to offer innovative, stable and secure solutions.

Nationwide ID schemes
Nets’ eSecurity business unit is behind NemID in Denmark and BankID in Norway. These two solutions are significant driving forces in the digitalisation of the two countries. Delivered and operated by Nets, they are used and trusted by six million citizens every day.

The increasing use of selfservice solutions is bringing about efficiency enhancements in both the public sector and in private enterprises. The resulting increase in the level of customer service is an objective that Nets is actively working towards. Although NemID and BankID are common scheme services involving many partners, customers and end-users, Nets also has a strong track record in delivering eSecurity solutions for international banks and enterprises.
Enterprise Solutions
Nets Enterprise Solutions delivers wide-ranging value-added solutions for international banks and enterprises to help them secure their e-mails, workstations, networks, applications and deploy employee ID cards for access control. Document signing services have spearheaded the digitalisation of business processes in compliance with EU directives for organisations in the retail, insurance, healthcare and financial services sectors. Our one-time password service is available for all channels (tokens, smart cards and mobile) and used daily by hundreds of thousands of citizens for secure e-banking and payments. These solutions are flexible and tailored to the needs and volumes of small and large companies alike. Some companies require signing only. Others need complex solutions where identification, signing by several parties and archiving are required. Nets handles this type of complexity as well as further development in line with the customers’ needs both domestically and internationally.

Merchant Solutions

​Offering card payments provides an excellent opportunity to increase sales and service levels. Our payment solutions are tailored to fit all types of businesses; from small shops, clubs and associations to national or Nordic chains.

Products for all businesses
We offer a wide range of products and services for businesses that accept card payments. We offer payment terminals and payment solutions for online and mobile commerce, gift cards, loyalty cards and other value-added services that integrate with our customers’ business processes. We offer multi-channel solutions for optimised customer processes.

Nordic solutions
Most chains wish to deal with only one supplier when it comes to cards and payments. We offer unique, tailor-made solutions for Nordic chains and other businesses considering the entire Nordic region as their home market. Our Nordic focus combined with our local presence in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Estonia, enables us to offer unified Nordic solutions while at the same time meeting the local needs of the chains. We are continually developing new products and new functionality that meet our customers’ future needs. Our solutions comply with all national and international security standards.






​All over the world, people are travelling as never before. Therefore, international payment cards are an absolutely vital prerequisite to enable our customers to grow their business across national borders.


Gateway to the Nordic region
Teller handles the acquiring of national and international payment cards, primarily in the Nordic market. This means that Teller handles merchant agree- ments for the most used local and international cards such as Dankort, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and China UnionPay.
Merchants benefit from one- stop shopping at Teller and can accept the most used cards in the Nordic region and in the world. This makes travelling in a globalized world easier. Teller also offers a number of add-on products for the merchant agreement, such as an option for merchants to allow card holders to pay in their home currency, access to settlement reports and options to provide merchants with favorite setup.


An integrated solution for merchants

Nets and Teller provide inte- grated international payment solutions enabling you to grow your business across national borders.